Who is Pawel Tkaczyk?

Paweł Tkaczyk

Photo by Ola Anzel (www.olaanzel.pl)

Hi, my name is Pawel Tkaczyk (it’s pronounced pah-veu tkah-chick) and I make my living by telling stories. If you want to know my story, here’s a couple of facts.

Professional story

My parents started a large publishing house in Poland. Business and books were the main themes of my teen years. I picked up typography and graphic design while looking over the shoulders of professional designers. I can still appreciate a good looking corporate identity, but I learned you need much more to build strong brand today.

MIDEA—the company I started in 2000—first began as a corporate identity shop. Over the years we evolved into complex brand building and strategy consultants, having worked for companies such as Agora (one of the biggest Polish media companies), American Restaurants (European operators of brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King) or Diners Club International.

Public speaking and mentoring came along

Many things in life happen by accident, such was the story of me teaching others. At the end of the previous century I was a beta tester for Adobe, working heavily on their new baby called InDesign. The software was a typographer’s wet dreams come true—and remember I was a typo-geek.

When the beta period was over and InDesign was released, the market was in dire need of trainers. There were not many beta testers in Poland back then and we all knew one another. One of my fellow testers worked at a training company and he had suggested they should hire me, as I knew InDesign by heart. I was using it for almost a year when it first appeared on the market.

So they called me and had me perform a test training. Not only did I shine at it, I discovered I was enjoying it more than I would expect. And as time went by, I moved from teaching software to teaching what I do best—building strong brands. I do public speaking and private consulting and mentoring sessions. My clients include Citi Bank, LOT Polish Arilines and Orange.

There’s writing as well

Since I started MIDEA in 2000, sharing the knowledge was the marketing strategy we have chosen. The blog I write in Polish was named Best Marketing Blog of 2011, it’s one of the most influential on Polish market. I regularly write articles for three largest Polish marketing magazines: Brief, Marketing w praktyce and Marketer Plus.

Zakamarki markiMy first book, Zakamarki marki (Brand’s nooks) was published mid-2011 and became instant bestseller, occupying first place on the OnePress’ bestseller list for four months. It was named Best Marketing Book of 2011, was discussed on CNBC Business and is a required reading at several Polish universities.

My second book, Grywalizacja (Gamification) took a broad approach on the gamification phenomenon. It sold even better than Zakamarki marki, becoming number one on OnePress’ bestseller list instantly.

Third book—which I am working on right now—will take you into the fascinating world of stories.

Private parts

Father (of two, boy and girl), husband (married to the most astonishing woman I ever met), geek (gadgets and software updates, baby), gamer (only a gamer could write a book on gamification, right?). Also, runner, traveler. I love books (and the letters within), comic books (typical geek, huh?), old B-class horror movies and sci-fi flicks.

Contact me

You will find me on Facebook (link to a fanpage, as my profile is in Polish mostly), Twitter (also, this is an English profile) and LinkedIn. Should you feel your company could benefit from working with me (you are in need of a public speaker or brand consultant), write me. I travel a lot (coaching, mentoring, training and such), so I might not reply immediately, but I’m doing my best. If you feel your message fell through the cracks, do not hesitate to rush me to reply.