Engagement in advertising

“Engagement” is the buzzword of advertising industry. On the internet, television or any other medium we strive to engage the customer, who—overwhelmed by the multitude of messages—just keeps getting better at ignoring us. But we (I write “we” meaning “advertisers” or “agencies”) have problem building this very engagement. Why? Because we approach the topic in a too standard manner.

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How do you scan your spam folder?

How do you scan your spam folder? I look at the senders’ names while scrolling through the message list. When something other than usual stuff (MyEnlarger.com, solicitor Agate Magabe) grabs my attention, I move over to the subject line to see if it can be of any importance. Only then do I click and open the message. The sender then is—in my opinion—more important than the subject. How do you do it?


Learn marketing from Tyler Durden

You probably know the old saying: “You will never have the second opportunity to make first impression.” Like many “folk wisdom”, it is also used in marketing. Problem is… it’s not true. And building your strong brand should be based on continuous effort to make another great first impression.

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