Hi, my name is Pawel Tkaczyk (it’s pronounced pah-ve-oo t-ka-chick), and I make my living by telling stories. In brief, here’s my story.

I’m the owner of the MIDEA branding agency. We have developed brands for such companies as Agora (one of the biggest Polish media holding companies), American Restaurants (the operators of the KFC and Pizza Hut brands in Central Europe) and Diners Club International.

I’m also a well known public speaker. I speak to a range of audiences, from executive teams in corporations to large crowds during conferences (in 2014, my Infoshare talk on privacy in social media was viewed instantly by almost two thousand people). I did two TEDx talks: one on the evolution of typography; the other on how gamification can make people drive more safely).

I’m also a high value trainer — I do lectures on brand management and new media marketing for MBA programs and post-graduate studies at universities in Wrocław, Cracow and other cities. I also give private lectures to companies – my clients include companies like LOT Polish Airlines, Citibank and Orange.

And there’s my writing. Since I started MIDEA in 2000, sharing our knowledge has been our chosen marketing strategy. The blog which I write in Polish was named the Best Marketing Blog of 2011, and is one of the most influential blogs in Poland. I regularly write articles for the three largest Polish marketing magazinesBriefMarketing w praktyce (“Practical Marketing”) and Marketer Plus.

My first bookZakamarki marki (“Branding inside and out” was published mid-2011 and became an instant bestseller, occupying first place on the OnePress list of bestsellers for four months. It was named the Best Marketing Book of 2011, was discussed on CNBC Business and is required reading at several Polish universities.

My second book, Grywalizacja (“Gamification”), was based on a broad approach to the phenomenon of gamification. This book sold even better than Zakamarki marki, becoming instantly number one on the OnePress list of bestsellers.

My third book—which I am working on right now—will take you into the fascinating world of stories.

In private

I am the father of two (one boy and one girl), a husband (married to the most astonishing woman I ever met), geek (hey, baby, that’s gadgets and software updates!), a gamer (only a gamer could write a book on gamification, right?). Also, a runner and traveler. I love books (and the little letters they’re made up of), comic books (typical geek, huh?), old B-class horror movies and sci-fi flicks.

Contact me

You will find me on Facebook (link to the fanpage as my personal profile is mostly in Polish), Twitter (this also has a Polish profile) and LinkedIn. Should you feel your company could benefit from working with me (you need a public speaker or brand consultant), then write to me. I travel a lot (with coaching, mentoring, training and such), so I might not reply immediately, but I always do my best to reply as quickly as possible. If you feel your message has fallen through the cracks, do not hesitate to rush me to reply.